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Learn how to easily grocery shop on a plant-based diet

This Plant-Based Grocery List has helped over 600 people successfully transition to a more plant-focused diet. It has 8 pages of staple foods you need to know about when going plant-based.

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"This grocery list is amazing! So helpful to know what to look for at the store with this new lifestyle. Thank you Kathrine!"
- Lisa, Texas

Hey there! My name is Kathrine, and I'm the founder of Passion for Plants, a health coaching business and brand focused on helping you live your happiest, healthiest life.

I've been vegan nearly 6 years, and have learned a LOT along the way, including how to easily eat plant-based wherever I am in the world.

I created this free Plant-Based Grocery List for everyone out there who is curious about this lifestyle and wants a resource to easily begin the transition into a healthier way of eating.

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8 pages chock-full of staple foods to keep on hand while you're transitioning to a plant-based diet (without breaking the bank)